Rosa Velasquez, 

Cosmetologist for thirty-five years,

Rosa has advanced her education in the salon field every year.

Continued education in essential oils for 12 yrs

Trained by Marcella Vonn Harting in Raindrop and essential oils.

Completed a 3 day work shop on Dr David Stewarts  C.A.R.E. program

Trained by Janet Kennis on raindrop/customized facials using essential oils/ customized bodywraps using essential oils

Rosa has had hundreds of hours of training and is highly qualified to teach and use essential oils

(I have worked with Rosa 16 yrs in the beauty field and 12 yrs essential oil, she is a outstanding hair stylist and very knowledgeable on essential oils I highly recommend her. Janet Kennis)

(ROSA)Years of standing behind a chair had resulted in severe back pain, chiropractor's have said as long as I continue in my profession I would have back pain. 5 or 6 Tylenol nightly, knowing after a while my liver would suffer.

My first raindrop treatment was from Janet, after the treatment the pain in my back was gone. The change was remarkable I then started a path of learning about these wonderful essential oils and of the power they possess to help us and our clients in our every day lives.


that is how I first learn about therapeutic grade essential oils and how to use them in our beauty products, We can personalize a clients scent of their shampoos, conditioners, bodys lotions It was a safer, less toxic product for our clients, we share how to use the essential oils for fragrances and how to control dis-ease in the body.


    we offer a relaxing essential oil treatment for our clients.

We use the essential oils in the salon doing scalp treatments, and neck massage with lavender, peppermint and more. We also offer foot treatments which include a warm soaking in waters infused with salts and essential oils such as lavender, peppermint lemon and orange, then  massage with Relaxation oil blend They smell good and made a difference in their mood

Rosa also makes the essential oils availably to her clients, you can find rosa at

    I believe once you smell and experience these wonderful oils and their healing powers,you too will choose to have the essential oils as a part of your life.

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Haircut and style.....45...Women
Haircut men.....25
Style only...Blow dry or roller set.....25

Color..We use Goldwell
Base or root touch up ....52
Styling not included......25
Highlights or Lowliest
Starting at  65 and up for partial
Full head starts at 90
A second color...additional 25
Color conditioner.....6

Perms start at 65
Haircut not included....45

Gel or acrylics nails offered

Scalp massage with Young Living Essential Oils
and neck and shoulders, deep conditioner and style ...40

Reflexology  offered

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